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FAQ (Not really, but o well!)

2009-07-18 17:46:53 by SubtleForces

"What was your last Newgrounds account"?

You can find that here

"Do you have a Youtube account with lots of helpful tutorials on useless shit"?

Yes. You can find that here

"Which program do you use to create your AWESOME music"?

Image-Line FL Studio 8 XXL Producers Edition

"Which VST's do you have"?

I have z3ta+, V-Station, Nexus, Vanguard, but most importatly: 3xosc!


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2009-11-23 00:20:51

Wow, this is a coincidence. A little while earlier I found your video on where to download Super Mario Bros. Frustration. It's a great game, but somewhere in the second level there's a solid wall I can't get past. =/

I like your Take U Back remix, as short as it was. =)

SubtleForces responds:

Thanks man.

Woah that is kinda wierd :D